We provide our own roll-off containers at job sites in order to sort materials immediately.

Receive a Tax Deduction on Donated Materials 

Offset the cost of deconstruction with a tax deduction, making it competitive with that of mechanized demolition.

Comply with Boulder’s Green Points Program

Green Points may be taken for deconstruction and waste diversion activities.

Enhance Environmental Responsibility

Divert Materials from Landfills. Nationwide, construction and demolition debris is estimated at 20% of the waste going to landfills.

Maintain a Cleaner Job Site, with Less Noise & Dust. Safe disposal of hazardous materials and decreasing airborne contaminants and lead (keeps the neighbors happy)

Create Ecological Job & Training Opportunities. Take part in directing the construction industry toward utilization of Earth friendly methods.

Conserve Natural Resources by Reducing Demand

Capture, Rather than Waste the Embodied Energy in Materials. The construction industry accounts for over 11% of the total energy consumed each year in the United States. A staggering 85% of this construction energy is used for the production and transportation of new materials.

Recover Rare & Superior Grain Materials. Old growth Redwood and Douglas Fir, excellent quality lumber with superior strength, is extremely rare in today’s market.

Reuse Components from the Old Building in the New Structure. Effective not only for renovations at historical sites, but also in retaining any original and/or sentimental architectural features.