Haul Away Recycling, Inc. opened in 1994. We began by doing part-time job site recycling and cleanups, and were surprised at the amount of waste and how much good material was being sent to the landfill. Back then, deconstruction was only a glimmer on the horizon. Perfectly good cabinets, doors, old growth beams, wood flooring – all of it was being sent to landfills.

We had a different vision. 

Right around the time Resource 2000 was being formed, we began to work with contractors in the Boulder area to explore the possibilities of dismantling instead of demolishing. What we were up against at the time was the prevailing system that demolition was cheaper and faster than dismantling. 

Through working with Resource’s ability to provide a tax deduction to the homeowner through their donated materials, we have been able to offer a great alternative to demolition that better serves both the environment and the homeownder’s fiscal bottom line.

Today, 25 years later, we are the standard in the industry. We recycle the highest percentage of materials possible in the business and provide full, turn-key service to our customers and contractors. We deconstruct full or partial residences and commercial buildings, and also provide our own hauling and concrete removal/recycling.